• For software users: We aim to help them learn how to use the software effectively and quickly.
  • For software developers: We aim to support the process of effectively communicating products to users.

# What is INDXAR for?

There is no doubt that software takes away some of our annoying things every day. Yet, there are tons of articles in bookstores and on the Internet about many software applications. It indicates they need much time to learn and use. This situation is contradictory. You shouldn't need a lot of learning time to use software to generate valuable time.

# How we solve the issue?

We aim to present our contents in a way that meets the following characteristics

  1. Videos of no more than 3 minutes that makes it immediately clear what the hack is about. Allow users to immediately determine if the content is relevant to them.
  2. Include a description that focuses on solving a problem for the user. It is a waste of time for both the users and the developers to try to convey everything in a video alone. Make it clear what the content is for in the video, and tell how in the text.
  3. Make each content short and readable in about 3 minutes.
  4. Make it possible to register and manage content so that it helps learning.

INDXAR will be developed with these four basic principles in mind, but if you find something that is not in line with these principles, or if you have a suggestion for improvement that contributes to them, please feel free to send us your feedback!